CATS: A Backstage View

Last week I had a great time performing in Cats The Musical with Minerva Youth Theatre.  I decided to use this opportunity to blog about backstage goings on during show week…

Sunday 05/02/17:  Band Call/Tech Rehearsal. It was a long day as we began at 1 o’clock and didn’t get away till about 10. However, we had Thomas Paton (Mr Mistoffelees, 1994-95) watching our tech run. He seemed very impressed and gave the cast some encouraging words for show week.

Copyright: Tom Russell
Copyright: Tom Russell

Monday 06/02/17:  Dress Rehearsal. A successful first run in full costume. We were all very excited as this was the first time we would be transformed into ‘cats’ by the hugely talented Leigh Blaney and her team.

Copyright: Leigh Blaney Make-Up

Tuesday 07/02/17: Opening Night! There was definitely excitement in the air as everyone prepared for the first performance. We all had a amazing time during our first show. It was clear that the audience loved our performance judging by their reaction at the end.

Copyright: Bob McDevitt Photography


Wednesday 08/02/17: Unfortunately on our second performance, Isla Howie (Cassandra) was feeling very ill and couldn’t go on. Thankfully, another cast member, Hayley Ferguson, learned the part with an hours notice and absolutely nailed it!

Copyright: Bob McDevitt Photography

Thursday 09/02/17:  Once again Hayley had to step up and fill in, but this time for a different cast member! Monica Taggart, (Jennyanydots), had been ill at the start of the week and unfortunately couldn’t perform on Thursday night. Hayley was excellent and managed to pick everything up so quickly.

Copyright: Bob McDevitt Photography
Copyright: Bob McDevitt Photography

Friday 10/02/17: Friday’s audience was the best yet. There were loads of ‘am dram’ people watching and they all absolutely adored the show. The cast had a ball on the stage and everyone was looking forward to the final two shows of the run!


16664893_1628472610513556_5487396384687928364_o (1).jpg
Copyright: Bob McDevitt Photography

Saturday 11/02/17:  Amazing reactions from audiences at both of our saturday shows. A very  emotional final show for the cast. A particular highlight for me as I recieved my 10 year service award.

We then had the after party, followed by the ‘After After’ which involved a lot of karaoke (CATS featuring heavily) and a considerable lack of sleep!

Copyright: Bob McDevitt Photography



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