REVIEW: Billy Elliot Live!

Copyright: Adam Sorenson


Billy Elliot – Elliott Hanna

Sandra Wilkinson – Ruthie Henshall

Jackie Elliot – Deka Walmsley

Grandma – Ann Emery

Tony Elliot – Chris Grahamson

Michael Caffrey – Zach Atkinson

Older Billy – Liam Mower

Mr. Braithwaite – David Muscat

Mrs. Elliot – Claudia Bradley

George – Howard Crossley

Debbie Wilkinson – Demi Lee

Over the New Year, Sky 1 has had several showings of Billy Elliot: Live! Having seen this already a few years ago, I jumped at the chance to watch it again.

Billy Elliot is the story of 11-year-old Billy from a mining town in the North of England and his battle with his father to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer.

Copyright: Adam Sorensonn

The score by Sir Elton John & Lee Hall is a true range of musical styles.

Elliot Hanna is outstanding as Billy. There are many wonderfully acted moments which are paired well with his brilliant dancing. The character of Billy is barely off the stage so it is easy to forget how young Hanna is as he seems to be able to carry the show. Zach Atkinson is another stand out performance, providing the laughs and overall joy in this production. Deka Walmsley (Billy’s Dad) portrays the character going from prejudice to accepting his son’s dream in a poignant manner. West End Veteran Ruthie Henshall plays dance teacher, Mrs Wilkinson, who encourages and helps Billy in realising his dream.

A moving moment in this production is the use of the first ever actor who played Billy on stage, Liam Mower, as the older Billy. The scene between Mower and Hanna is touching as well as being beautifully choregraphed.

Copyright: Adam Sorenson

An immensley talented ensemble produce powerful vocals in every number. This is particularly seen in the haunting performance of “Once We Were Kings”.

Overall, a hugely impressive production from an all-round talented cast.

Billy Elliot Live DVD can be bought here.


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